Split w/ Hold Tight!

by Direct Hit!

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A few years ago, we thought DH was gonna break up, so Danny, Robbie and I wrote these songs for the new band we were gonna put together. We didn't have lyrics, and I didn't want to sing, so our friend Kyle wrote the words and filled in for me.

Hold Tight wrote a bunch of songs for this too that you can download at holdtight.bandcamp.com. Their side is better than ours.

High five!

- Nick


released 20 March 2012

Kyle Booth - Vox
Nick Woods - Vox/Guitars
Robbie Schroeder - Bass
Danny Walkowiak - Drums

Lyrics by Kyle Booth
Music by Direct Hit

Drums recorded by Shane Hochstettler at Howl Street

Everything else recorded and mixed by Shane Olivo
at Bobby Peru's Penis

Mastered by Matt Amelung

Cover art by Dead Meat (deadmeatdesign.bigcartel.com)

Thanks to I Hate Punk Rock for putting this shit out.



all rights reserved


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Direct Hit! Wisconsin

Direct Hit is a band from Milwaukee, Wis. and Chicago, Ill. Nick and Devon sing and play guitar, Danny plays drums, and Steve plays bass. We've released two LPs, five split 7"s, a split 12", a box of tapes, and a whole lot of dumb stuff on the internet. We accidentally wrote a catchphrase some people know, behave like children, and take everything really seriously. Fuck you. ... more


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Track Name: Oregon Entrails
Hands tied, feet bound, a gag in your mouth
Beaten, broken
I am the hatchet man

It’s creeping in, I’ve gotta kill again
Show no mercy
You’re gonna fucking bleed

My knife is sharp and shined
And now it’s time to take your life
Move you to wrack and ruin
Peel away your worthless skin

I wrap my hands around your neck
Squeeze until you’re out of breath
Let go just before you go
I'm not finished with you yet

I rip your fingernails off with a pair of pliers
I’m gonna torture you until your life expires

I cut your leg off at the knee
I beat you with my fist repeatedly
I plunge my blade into your gut
Your entrails spill out from the cut

Bleed out
Scrape the flesh from the bone
Track Name: 53 Bodies
Spent his youth under soviet oppression
Trauma left him without an erection
Impotence led to murderous rage
A vicious monster from the Ukraine
Swift and sudden orgasm
From stabbing women and killing children
A mistake of nature, a mad fucking beast
Murder was a sexual feast

A mistake of nature, a mad beast

He rips her nipples off with his teeth
So beautiful and elastic
Carves and scrapes out her uterus
He overcomes his impotence

The sight of the mutilation
Involuntary ejaculation
Stuffs his cum into the womb
Devours it, it’s his favorite food

Castrate the boys and cut out their tongues
Thrust a knife into their lungs
Gag the girls with leaves and sticks
Fucks with a knife instead of his dick
Uses a knife to gouge out their eyes
No imprints will be left behind
53 bodies piled up real high
3 more were claimed but he was never tried
The courts sentenced him to his death
Shot Russian style in the back of the head
Track Name: Decapitation By Shotgun
In pursuit of my prey
Running for his life, he won’t get away

He throws his hands up, a sign of surrender
He begs for mercy, but I don’t care

I press my shotgun against his head
I pull the trigger, now he’s dead

The rush of the chase
The thrill of the hunt
Feeding the habit
Killing for fun

Blood splatter
Shards of skull
Brain matter

Virtual decapitation
By virtue of my shotgun
Track Name: Drama Queen
She stares in the mirror
Tears fall to the sink
She’s fat, ugly, unwanted - or so she thinks
She’s the only one who can save herself now
But she’s too weak, and she doesn’t know how

She grabs a knife, she opens up her wrists
Lets out a muted shriek - blood runs down her fist
She lifts the knife
Lifts it to her throat
Slashes it open with one swift stroke

Blood spurts out like a shotgun blast
Her life is draining incredibly fast
She stumbles back, leans against the wall
Slides down into the pool of red on the floor

But all she can see is a white out
Her eyes glaze over - lights out
They found her body three weeks later
Her cats were so hungry they started to eat her
Track Name: Ankles Over Brain
String up the body
Ankles over brain
Sever the main arteries
Let the blood drain

Incise the thorax down the midsagittal plane
Eviscerate the abdomen
Amputate and freeze the extremities
Carve out the choice cuts for tonight’s feast